The Darkbane Warders

Abandoned Mine

The Warders gathered outside the mine which Maricella’s scrying indicated would contain the diadem of the Shade. On the flight in however a few of them noticed figures lurking about the entrance, and with a bit of scouting they discovered a small contingent of Forsaken soldiers guarding the mouth of the mine, some looking into the darkness uncertainly. The Warders engaged the murder of undead, dispatching them handily before making their way into the mine.

As they walked through the tunnels the darkness began to swirl about them in eery tendrils, concentrating around Mari then dispersing. Further into the mine they began to have the feeling of visions at the corners of their eyes, presences just out of sight. At one juncture they were presented with a trio of apparitions: A gold haired woman in the armor of a Paladin flanked by a bald, muscular man in the same armor and a raven haired woman robed in dark silks. As quickly as the ghostly images came they dispersed. Mari identified the trio as onetime companions of hers, each long dead.

Further down the tunnels another trio appeared: A woman of fair hair with similar features to Mari, a bulky man with thinning brown hair, and a tall, lanky young man with fair hair. Vasque easily identified these as Mari’s family, the sight of which seemed to make Mari’s mood more dour. At a final junction before the main cavern the group was presented with an apparition of a group of Defias bandits, who winked out of existence only to reappear in greater number to ambush the party.

After a battle with the spectral bandits the party marched on into the primary mine cavern, in which they spotted across the space a group of slain Forsaken. As they approached Mari began to feel ill, until she fell to the floor and became sick, spitting up horrid black mass which gathered shadowy tendrils from about the room to form into a large, menacing manifestation of sorrow and frustration. With swift efficiency the party dispatched the life draining monster and hurried over to the end of the cavern, finding a chest radiating evil hidden in a hollow carved behind a large boulder. Marius went to smashing without bothering to open the chest, slaying the malicious spirit within the diadem hidden inside and shattering the aura of darkness about the mine shaft.

Upon the leader of the forsaken they found a note instructing the Forsaken troopers to ‘hurry and find the object’, signed by a ‘High Warlord VK’. The presence of the Forsaken and the obvious orders to retrieve the artifact raise fears that the last object, the staff which has been resistant to attempts to locate, might already be in the Forsaken’s hands.



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