The Darkbane Warders

Battlefields of Memory

The Warders flew from Ambermill to the Whispering Forest in western Tirisfal, looking for Ihsan’s wand, another shard of the shade’s soul. As they arrived at the edge of the thick forest a mist shrouded the region, growing thicker as they passed through the trees until they found themselves in a different place, indeed a different time entirely. The party looked on from above as a contingent of Scarlet Crusaders fought through hordes of undead in the Plaguewood, trying to escape a pincer attack trapping them in the gorge below. At great loss they opened a hole to the east and began to escape, members of the rear guard being caught left and right by the pressing undead. One in particular stuck out clearly, a boy mutilated then consumed whole by an abomination.

Marius recognized easily the memory for what it was, an event in his own history long past. But a new piece of the battle became clear from his new standpoint: A strangely familiar figure in black armor upon a skeletal steed overlooking the battleground from the far bluff. Having to know if his ominous feeling was true, Marius charged into the undead throng to make it to the other side, the rest of the Warders following to cut through the hordes up to the other side of the gorge. Once arrived they approached the black figure, who drew back its faceplate to reveal the features of the Deathknight Caliginous, Marius’ own father, who attacked the party. After a brief fight above the battlefield the memory faded away into mist, depositing the party at the edge of a faerie circle within a forgotten glade. In the center of the circle they found the wand, and with a slice of his sword Marius destroyed the artifact and with it another shard of Ihsan’s soul.

On the return journey however, the group encountered a large shade which attacked from the forests. The ghostly creature was not near the fight they expected from Ihsan, but its message left even more questions: “You shall not have me. I shall be free. Then you shall all suffer.”



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