The Darkbane Warders

Faol's Lexicon

A number of months have passed since the Warders secured the cursed tower of Karazhan once more for the Kirin Tor, during which the threat of Deathwing has been finally ended and the Cataclysm brought to a close. The Warders were brought together after the break with a meeting at Desmarais manor, in which the party discussed the current climate following the fall of the Twilight and the rising tensions with the Horde since the fall of their common foe. Agreed in doing what they must, even going forward to fight the Horde should it be needed, the group turned to a more immediate problem. A black market contact had been captured by Stormwind attempting to sell an artifact thought destroyed in the chaos of the elemental invasion, a tome penned by Alonsus Faol regarding his philosophies and views about the Light. Where the SI didn’t have the manpower to spend on chasing the artifact the associated Paladins and Priests of the Warders might have a particular interest in recovering the tome for its religious value.

Thus the party met in the foothills of Westfall, where the informant said the book was being held by the remnants of the Defias Brotherhood. The group pressed into the hills with Malere scouting ahead, allowing him to discover an ambush of Defias waiting in the trees from stealth. After convening through the locus with the group they positioned to ambush the ambushers, opening by killing one of the Defias from stealth then openly engaging the remaining numbers as they counterattacked from their sniping perches in the trees. The battle quickly turned one sided however as the combined blades of Malere and Marius cut deep into the fighting force of the bandits, causing their remaining number to flee. Many of the routed men where captured however, and subsequent questioning produced the location of the Defias encampment set into the mountains nearby. After discussing tactics the party sent one of the captured men back to the camp to carry a message that they wished to parley, seeking only the tome.

After an hour of waiting the party was met in the forest by Jonas, the grizzled leader of the Defias, and a group of his men. The parley was short, as Jonas revealed the group had only planned on selling the tome before fleeing to Booty Bay to the South, and was willing to give over the tome if the party would allow his people to pack up and make the journey without further bloodshed. The terms were found acceptable, though Mari and Malere were rather begrudging to deal with the bandits, and as a final favor the slain bandit Tim was returned to life so he could rejoin his fellows. A follow up investigation by Malere a few days later revealed the palisade of the encampment the only evidence of the Defias, who had long gone.



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