The Darkbane Warders

Ihsan's March

After a great deal of searching Maricella’s divinations revealed the location of the last item, the staff of Ihsan which had been hidden from view was moving south from the Undercity into the Silverpine Forest. As it moved reports had come in that the undead on the lines with the Liberation Front had drawn back to amass nearby the village of Ambermill along the south road.

The Warders hurried to Ambermill, where they found the residents gathered in the center of town planning their defense. After speaking with them they learned that their scouts had seen a huge shadowy creature with the undead, and that they’d drawn all the packs but Tobias’ in to defend the village. Soon after Tobias returned with his pack to report that the undead would arrive within the hour, nearly one hundred soldiers and three plague catapults following the advance of the shadow creature. He also described a leader forsaken in black alchemist’s robes, bearing a distinct greatstaff of gnarled black wood which was visible even over the column of soldiers.

After some consideration the Warders decided to go meet the forsaken head on, moving through the woods to the west of the main road while Tobias’ pack went east. After a short jaunt they laid eyes on Ihsan’s shade, a massive humanoid figure of utter blackness, two horns jutting from its head and red eyes maliciously focused on the path ahead. Its silhouette billowed as if wearing a long cape or robe, and in its hands a massive greatsword dripped shadows onto the ground as if constantly stained with dark blood. Marius presented a plan to target the staff in the hopes that destroying the last piece of its soul would slay the creature. Enchanted with flight and invisibility he would fly to the center of the group, smash the staff, then the rest of them could come to his rescue.

With the magic in place Marius made it past the keen senses of both the Shade and High Warlord VanKrakken, appearing above the column to slice his sword clean through the staff. The creature’s unearthly howl joined with the agonized scream of Ihsan’s last remaining soul shard before its shadowy form pooled into final death upon the ground. With the creature slain the rest of the Warders leapt into the fight, using black tentacles, fireballs, and columns of flame to mow down the undead soldiers while Marius ensured their leader would not return to fight another day.

The undead thoroughly decimated, and the menace of Ihsan’s Shade removed from this world, the Warders returned to Ambermill to share the good news and celebrate their flawless victory.

(The party gained level 11.)



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