The Darkbane Warders

Magister's Ring

The Warders reconvened at Ambermill, where they began with the unsettling news that Crendal had been murdered just a few days past, found beheaded in his flat with his effects missing. Mari informed everyone that the guard was looking into the matter, and that when she had more information from her own investigations she would let everyone know. She then informed them of the results of her divinations, that the Shade’s apparant immortality was due to a number of objects imbued with pieces of the magister’s soul, one of which was the book they had already destroyed in the crumbled tower. She had located another in the center of Lake Lordamere, and had made arrangements with the Worgen to secure the banks while they searched by boat.

Following a short ride about the lake following the direction of an odd little magical item of the Priestess’ construction the group settled over the location of the ring. Using magical potions of waterbreathing they left Salendra to watch for trouble while the rest went down to retrieve the ring. When they reached the lake bottom wisps of darkness akin to the ones of the tower began to swirl around them, then gather around Seelie. Suddenly the lake bottom seemed very cold and dark, and their minds were filled with crushing despair as they began to search. As they searched the rings they found melted into sand, dummies to further block their path as the magic began to whittle away at them.

Withdrawing away from the area the group considered their options, and eventually sent in Gizbat to search, who was immune to the emotional crushing of the ring. After a long while of trial and error the mechanical squirrel returned with the artifact, which was broken in half to slay the soul shard within it.



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