The Darkbane Warders

Of Basements and Dark Faces

The Warders convened on the outskirts of Gilneas city, leaving their mounts behind to make their way into the ruins by foot. They arrived without incident at the location indicated by Mari’s divinations, a dilapidated manor near the edge of the tradesman’s district. Within they found the untended remains of a fine home, which after searching revealed a spacious basement area connecting to the kitchens, where they found a door tucked behind the food stores. When they approached a face appeared on the door, twisting out from the wood into the form of an elderly woman glaring disdainfully at the party, which Vasque recognized as the woman who once served as her nanny. Detecting its evil nature Marius charged forth and smashed the door to splinters, revealing a long passage leading downward.

As they passed through the hidden path they encountered a series of possessed doors: A pair of generically noble faces, the face of Vasque’s father, the face of Mari, and finally the face of the party. Each face passed some kind of judgement, or attempted to before Marius methodically cut each one to shreds with his sword of purified saronite. The final door, however, proved to be more resilient than the others and spawned a pair of hideous beholder creatures to combat the party. These too were cut down in short order, allowing passage to a secret chamber beneath the manor. A pentagram dominated the circular space, in the center of which lay a black robe around which was a near palpable aura of evil. By destroying the robe another piece of Ihsan’s soul was destroyed, but the presence of the secret chamber raises questions about how it got there, and who might be aware of Ihsan himself.



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