The Darkbane Warders

The Arathi Crypt

Scouts from Refuge Pointe made notice of a surge in undead activity around a cemetary to the north of the region. Fearing a potential push from the the Forsaken, the Warders were asked to investigate and deal with the problem if possible. Arriving at the site the group found the graveyard filled with milling undead minions, which they handilly dispatched before heading down into the crypt. After carefully making their way past magical traps laid upon the floor, they entered the interior of the crypt by using a spell to melt away the stone wall and create a second doorway unexpectedly. Inside they found the family crypts of the region being desecrated by a Forsaken necromancer, who immediately engaged them in battle by animating all of the bodies from the crypts in an explosion of bone and stone. The Warders used superior firepower to mow down a path to the necromancer and slay him while trading spells with the powerful undead, but once the Paladins got up to him it was writing on the wall. With the crypts cleared they re-consecrated the dead, placed what they could back within the tombs and earth before leaving to inform the locals of the events.



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