The Darkbane Warders

The Crumbled Tower

The Warders returned to Ambermill village, the base of operations for the Gilnean Liberation Front, where the Worgen had cleaned up and repaired the buildings behind the arcane barrier for use. They met with Tobias, the young worgen they’d rescued some time ago, who informed them that a party they sent to scout out a new forward base camp had been decimated, with only one man returning in a state of madness. The Warders interviewed the man, who went on about the shadows and their red eyes.

The group travelled to the site the men were dispatched to, a tower that appeared to have been buried in the earth, now uncovered with an opening along its top torn ajar. After investigating the site they took some time to rest and prepare cautiously before returning and delving into the tower. Inside they found a single room, which appeared to be a sort of ritual chamber. In the center lay a massive table that appeared to be covered in ancient devices and materials, in the center of which was rested a massive tome propped up on a stand of wood. As the group fanned out to investigate Vasque and Maricella took a look at the table, and as Vasque’s eyes crossed over the words their sickly darkness washed across her eyes, making her feel ill as the book sprung to life, rising above the table to swiftly turn its pages of its own accord. Dark power filled the room, tendrils of black corruption swirling about then gathering aroung Gizbat, transforming him into a massive mechanical horror which sprung to battle against the party. Though it dealt massive damage, the beast was dispatched once the shock wore off. Aferword Marius leapt upon the table to impale the book, which released an unearthly scream as a black sillouette of a man rose from the pages to be shattered into nothingness.

With the corruption of the tower cleansed, but no shadowy fiend to be found, the Warders are now concerned that some ancient evil has been unleashed upon the Tirisfal Glades.

The Legend of Ihsan’s Shade

In Dalaran there is told amongst the mages and the cityfolk a cautionary tale of the dangers the fel arts, called the tale of Ihsan’s Shade. The tale itself is shrouded in doubts, most consider it a fantasy tale told to scare young apprentices straight and get naughty children to their beds, lest the Shade come for them in the night. Whatever its authenticity, the tale goes as such:

Many, many years ago in the city of Dalaran there was a powerful Archmage named Ihsan Krohn. Ihsan was a powerful and respected magister, great in knowledge and in arcane potence, and greatly respected amongst the ruling magocracy of the city. However, Ihsan was also a very old man, and was not long for the world of men. Fearing the end of his own life he began a secret, fevered search through every magical resource he could find in the city to try and devise a spell of immortality, so as to never have to face the finality of death. But no such spell exists in the spellbooks of men, so Ihsan soon turned his research to otherworldly methods.

Drawing on dark lore Ihsan conjured many demons through the veil between worlds, and thinking himself above their influence he cajoled and tortured secrets of magic from them. With their fel knowledge he constructed piece by piece a spell to grant him rise above the mortal coil in which he was bound, by creating a great artifact to instill him with life unending. With his formula complete he set to the grisly task of gathering the components he would require for the dark deed, many rare and expensive reagents to be mixed with the blood of a dozen sacrificed peasants gathered from around his estate.

Preparations complete, Ihsan rose to the top of his tower in the dead of night to complete the spell. When the last words escaped his lips his soul was drawn from his body to the artifact, and into the demon’s trap. From the chant of his own spell they rose, seizing upon his soul and tearing it into shreds. At that moment Ihsan Krohn became the Shade of Ihsan, a soulless creature of dark power which laid waste to the workers of his estate before beginning to roam the countryside, coming in the night to wipe entire villages off the map. Many brave souls tried to stop the monstrosity that was once the respected Archmage, but the Shade was both powerful and wily, and those heroes simply added to the carnage of its rampage.

Eventually the situation demanded the power of the Guardian of Tirisfal, who did battle with the creature within the woodlands. The combat was fierce, the power of both combatants great. They fought, and fought, and fought but the Guardian soon came to realize that no matter how often he struck the creature down it would rise up again to strike him. Finally the Shade lead the Guardian back to his tower, where he thought to use his place of power against his enemy. Knowing he could not defeat the Shade in his home the Guardian instead drew upon mighty spells to trap Ihsan within the walls of his own tower. Then, with the last of his reserves, the Guardian buried the tower deep within the earth to entomb the shade for all eternity.

Such is the tale of Ihsan Krohn, the man who sought immortality from the dark arts, and found it. An eternity of maddened, tortured hell alone beneath the earth.



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