Crendal Varsuva (Deceased)


Level 9 Worgen Two Weapon Warrior, Neutral Evil
(Statistics assume Worgen Form)

Str 30
Dex 19
Con 16
Int 10
Wis 8
Cha 9

HP: 94

AC: 24 (22 Enlarged)
Touch 14 (12 Enlarged)
Flat Footed 20

BaB: 9/4



  • Twin Edges (large): 2d6+1d6(fire)+19 [17-20/x2]
  • Twin Edges (medium): 1d8+1d6(fire)+18 [17-20/x2]
  • Bite: 1d8+9 (1d8+10 large) [20/x2]


  • Standard (Vital/Doublestrike) 20/17, first attack deals +2d6 damage.
  • Full Attack 20/17/12/12/+8(bite)


  • Climb +10
  • Craft(Blacksmithing) +7
  • Handle Animal +1
  • Intimidate +9
  • Knowledge(Dungeoneering) +1
  • Knowledge(Engineering) +1
  • Perception -1
  • Ride +8
  • Survival +3
  • Swim +11


  • Dirty Fighter
  • Masterful Demeanor


  • Twin Edges
  • Belt of Giant Strength +6
  • Mithral Full Plate +1
  • Boots of Striding and Springing
  • Gauntlet of Rust
  • Cloak of Resistance +3
  • Ring of Enlargement
  • 3434 gp

Crendal is not a good man. Raised by parents who cared little for him, he developed an underhanded nature that proved quite profitable in Lordaeron’s army. He fought in the Second War briefly, his family’s minor nobility giving him a comfortable position as an officer in one of the internment camps.

He managed to make a heroic showing when the plague affected Lordaeron, leading many soldiers and civilians to safety. This was all shattered when he was arrested for murder – and worse.

Crendal was saved from execution by a SI:7 group that was doing experiments to create supersoldiers. After several years of this he believed he had escaped – they still kept tabs on him for awhile though.

Now he is a mercenary who does whatever anyone asks, provided they pay him enough. Currently he works for Maricella, giving her a ‘discount’ as she does not ask any questions about his methods when completing assignments. He also has a grudging respect for her after she helped him with some personal issues.

Far from redeemed, Crendal is violent, racist, self-serving and a complete scumbag. Being cursed with the worgen affliction has only made him more dangerous.

Fortunately, Maricella has him under control – for the moment.

Crendal was murdered in his own home, head taken as well as the Twin Edges and much of his other equipment.

Crendal Varsuva (Deceased)

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