Vasque Desmarais-Kingsley


Name: Vasque Desmarais-Kingsley
Level: 10
Race: Human
Age: 42
Class: Wizard (Mage)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Familiar: Her cat, Pinot AKA MARBLE, a black tabby.

Str 10 (d20+0)
Dex 16 (d20+3)
Con 17 (d20+3)
Int 24 (d20+7)
Wis 10 (d20+0)
Cha 14 (d20+2)

HP: 101

Mana: 133

AC: 23 = 10+ 3(dex) +4 (armor) +3 (shield) +2 (prot) +1 (natural).

Fort d20+10
Ref d20+10
Will d20+11

Initiative +7

CMD: 18

BaB: +5

Skills – d20+ bonus

  • Appraise +20
  • Craft (Technology) +14
  • Diplomacy +12
  • Bluff +16
  • Escape Artist +18
  • Intimidate +7
  • Knowledge(Arcana) +20
  • Knowledge(Nature) +20
  • Knowledge(History) +15
  • Knowledge(Nobility) +15
  • Linguistics +11
  • Perception +15
  • Spellcraft +20

B- Scribe Scroll
1- Toughness
1- Improved Initiative
3- Combat Casting
5- Spell Focus: Evocation
B- Spell Penetration
7- Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
9- Craft Wonderous Item
B- Craft Rod
Greater Spell Penetration.

Class Features

  • Evocation Specialization
  • Opposition Schools: Divination, Necromancy
  • Familiar(Cat)
  • Intense Spells (+5)
  • Force Missle (8/day)
  • Elemental Wall (10 rounds/day)


  • Great Concentration
  • Buisiness Sense (Bluff as a class Skill, +1 trait bonus)

Spells Prepared
0- Prestidigitation, Mage Hand, Light, Detect Magic
1- Burning Hands*, Mage Armor, Silent Image, Floating Disk, Mount, Feather Fall, Grease
2- Scorching Ray*, Gust of Wind, Flaming Sphere, Knock, Mirror Image, Invisibility, Glitterdust
3- Fireball*, Fly, Haste, Major Image, Displacement, Slow, Lightning Bolt
4- Resilient Sphere*, Dimension Door, Charm Monster, Ice Storm, Shape Stone, Ball Lightning
5- Cone of Cold*, Baleful Polymorph, Teleport, Summon Monster V
6- Chain Lightning*, Heroism, Acid Fog, Geas, Analyze Dweomer

  • School Spell


  • Cloak of Resistance +4
  • Headband of Vast Intellect +4
  • Belt of Constitution +4
  • Gloves of Dexterity +4
  • Mithral Buckler +2
  • Amulet of Protection +2
  • Ring of Natural Armor +1
  • Lesser Rod of Silence
  • Lesser Rod of Maximization (activate for lvl3 or less for max dice, 3xday)
  • Amulet Enchantment: Escape Artist +5
  • Handy Haversack
  • Eyes of the Eagle
  • 2500 gp

Lady Vasque Desmarais-Kingsley is a formidable woman in her forties, with long ash blond hair usually swept atop her head in a bun, and piercing mahogany eyes. Large, thick silver hoop earrings adorn her ears, and she wears a diamond solitaire on her left hand. She also wears a holy symbol on a gold chain about her neck, and her hand often goes to it when she becomes pensive.

Handsome, tall, and businesslike, she is accustomed to getting her own way, both in business and in pleasure. She is at once merciless, vindictive, calculating, and beautiful; her manners and comportment are flawless, and her intelligence formidable.

Vasque is the owner of Desmarais Vintners, and is the daughter of Elizabeth MacClure, who was married to Vasque’s father Laurence in order to expand his burgeoning wine empire. Vasque’s own business acumen coupled with a staunch work ethic and endless drive have resulted in holdings so vast that she controls the majority of wine production, bottling, and selling on Azeroth. Immensely wealthy, Vasque has property all over the world, but keeps her main apartments at Ironforge, where she lives with her wife, Maricella Desmarais-Kingsley.

Vasque Desmarais-Kingsley

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