This +5 Furious, Vicious, Wounding Greataxe is a heavy blade, knothched and stained from generations of use in battle. Small holes dot the blade near the handle through which wind whistles through with each swing, creating an unnerving song as the wielder brings the axe against his enemies. The first time the wielder of Gorehowl deals damage in a combat, this song creates a Fearful Presence about him (as the dragon ability), reaching out to a range of 210 feet with a save DC of 10 + 1/2 level + strength modifier. Additionally, when the wielder slays a foe whose HD is no less than his own -4 he is filled with a victory rush; this grants him 10 temporary hit points, removes the fatigued or exhausted conditions, and if the wielder possesses the ‘rage’ feature grants him two more rounds of rage (up to a maximum of his daily allotment).
Gorehowl is the ancestral weapon of the Warsong clan, wielded by its chieftain as a prrof of station and as a mighty force on the field of battle. In the hands of its previous owner, Grom Hellscream, to slay the demigod Cenarius and the pit fiend Mannoroth, and now rests in the hands of his son Garrosh, the current warchief of the Horde.

This +5 Holy, Shocking, Frost Warhammer bears the sigil of the Frostwolf clan on its unyielding stone face. The Doomhammer has been tied in with the destiny of the Orcs since its creation, prophesied in the hands of Orgrim Doomhammer the Orcs to bring salvation, then doom, then redemption to their people in the hands of another. In the hands of Orgrim the weapon saw the salvation of the Orcs by the destruction of the foul Warlock Gul’dan and his minions, only to end in the doom of the Orcish people as they faced the newfound might of the Alliance greatly weakened. Following his death the Doomhammer passed to Thrall, who used the weapon as a symbol of hope and justice to free the Orcish people from the internment camps and lead them across the ocean to their new home in Durotar.
While a powerful weapon on its own, when in the hands of the one destined to wield it the Doomhammer grants additional powers. First at the beginning of each day the wielder may roll three d20, recording those results. Anytime during the day he may replace any d20 roll he makes with one of these rolls, once for each roll, even after success or failure has been established. Second, the hammer grants a touch of destiny to its fated wielder, granting him a +1 untyped bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, saves, skill checks, ability checks, and caster level while in possession of the Doomhammer. Finally, the Doomhammer mystically seeks out its fated wielder, somehow always seeming to appear before him by some turn of events if ever they are seperated. The current fated wielder of the Doomhammer is Thrall, who has succeeded in his part of the destiny of the hammer.

Shalamayne is the +5 Adamantine Falchion wielded by King Varian Wrynn, a distinct curved weapon appearing to be contructed from from two graceful, and wickedly sharp blades in the elven style with a gem at its base which glows like the sun itself. Shalamayne is the combination of the ancient Kaldorei blades Shall’ator (Shadow Render) and Elemayne (Reaver) which had been wielded in the battles of the War of the Ancients, gifted to Varian Wrynn’s split persons before his battle with Onyxia. During the battle the magic giving the two personalities of Varian Wrynn seperate bodies was ended, and when the two men become one once more the blades combined with them, joining the Shadow Render and the Reaver into the powerful Shalamayne. Due to the ancient magics and unique qualities of its creation, Shalamayne’s magical enchantments are fluid and can be altered to suit the needs of its wielder. As a standard action the wielder of Shalamayne may choose to add any of these weapon enchantments to the blade, up to an additional +5 bonus: Axiomatic, Bane (Any), Brilliant Energy, Corroseive, Corrosive Burst, Defending, Disrupting, Flaming, Flaming Burst, Frost, Ghost Touch, Holy, Keen, Icy Burst, Merciful, Shocking, Shocking Burst, Speed. Once chosen the blade maintains these qualities until the wielder chooses to reassign them with another standard action.

The Ashbringer
This +5 Holy, Undead Bane Greatsword emits a bright light from the glowing crystal disk which floats in a crescent indention at the back of the blade, inseperable from the pure adamantine the weapon was forged of. Created by for the last Knights of the Silver Hand by Magni Bronzebeard from a shard of pure light found by Alexandros Mograine, for whom the blade was named and given. The Ashbringer is the ultimate weapon against the undead, a blade of pure light power from which even the Lich King could not hide in the end. When the Ashbringer strikes an undead of 5 HD or less that creature is turned to ash, no saving throw allowed. Undead of greater than 5 HD must succeed a DC 20 Will save or suffer the same fate, however if the save is successful the undead may not be subject to the effect again that day. Undead not destroyed outright by the Ashbringer none-the-less take 10dd6 positive energy damage each time the blade strikes them, as if they were subject to the Channel Positive Energy of a 20th level Cleric with no save. Additionally the Ashbringer grants a number of powerful protections against undead. The wielder gainst a +6 sacred bonus to AC against the attacks of undead, and a +6 sacred bonus to saves against spells, abilities, and effects created by undead. Finally, the Ashbringers creates an aura of Hallow out to 40 feet which effects all living creatures in the aura as the spell with the spell Death Ward attatched to the Hallow. These effects are permanent and cannot be altered.


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