New Archetypes

Soul Warden (Witch Archetype)

Spiritualist: Rather than conjure a familiar like a normal Witch, a Soul Warden deals directly with her Patron to recieve her magic. This direct contact heightens the spirit of the Witch, granting a +2 bonus to will saves and allowing a Witch to hold spells within herself as if she was a familiar, but does not grant her any of the bonuses nor any of the abilities a familiar provides. This ability replaces the familiar.

Boon Child (Oracle Archetype)

Curseless: Unlike most Oracles your spiritual calling has come without strife, divine power flows naturally through you without demanding any trial whatsoever. You do not have to chose a Curse, gaining no detriment or benefit it could offer you.

Shaman (Oracle Archetype)

Elemental Oath: Shamans are scions of the elements, channeling the power of nature through communion with primal powers. Shamans draw their spells from the Druid spell list, rather than the Cleric spell list as other Oracles do, however they automatically gain the Cure spell line at each level a cleric would gain the spells. At 6th level a Shaman automatically gains the ‘lightning bolt’ spell, and the ‘chain lightning’ spell at 12th. This replaces normal Oracle spellcasting.
Totems: In order to better commune with the elements a shaman creates totems, magical foci of primal force. These totems vary in size and function, and are treated as the ‘bonded item’ feature of the wizard for the purpose of Oracle spellcasting. This replaces the Oracle’s Curse.

New Archetypes

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