Upgrade Powers


  • Gizbat – Salendra receives Gizbat as a special “animal” companion, as a druid of her level -3.
  • Hymn – Once per day as a standard action Salendra may unleash her healing in a powerful hymn which heals all allies within 30 feet of her 3 hp per level. Overhealing from this ability persists as temporary hp for 1 round.

Seelie – Power, Savior of the King

  • Healer’s Blessing – Seelie gains the Healing domain, or an additional domain if she has the Healing domain.
  • Sunburst – Once per day as a standard action Seelie may unleash a Sunburst from her square in an 30 foot radius. Enemies in the burst take 1d6 damage/2 levels and are blinded for one round, a reflex save halves this damage and ignores the blind effect. Allies in the burst are healed for the same amount. Undead and Demons take double damage from this effect. Any feature which modifies the damage or healing of Channel Energy also effects Sunburst.

Marius – Power, Guardian of the King

  • Stalwart Guardian – Marius gains DR 3/- and a +1 insight bonus to AC.
  • Blades of Retribution – Once per day as a swift action Marius may conjure an aura of holy light which stretches out thirty feet from him. Anytime an ally in the effect takes damage Marius may choose to take half of the damage as if the ally was affected by a ‘Shield Other’ spell. When he does so a sword of magical light manifests from the aura and strikes the foe for the same amount of damage. Additionally, when Marius is dealt melee damage he may choose to have his enemy be stuck by the sword of light for half the damage he recieved. This effect lasts for one round.

Malere – Artifact, Mistweave cloak

  • Shroud – While wearing the Mistweave cloak Malere is constantly under the effect of Blur (20% miss chance on all attacks).
  • Mist Dance – Once per day as a standard action Malere can create a cloud of fog around himself with a radius of 20 feet as per the Obscuring Mist spell. Malere may make a single melee attack against every enemy within the fog cloud, adding his sneak attack to the damage as if he was flanking. The Obscuring mist lasts for one round, ending at the beginning of Malere’s next turn.

Mari – Power, Naaru’s Remnant

  • Blessing – Mari grants a +1 sacred bonus to saving throws and AC to all allies within 30 feet and she may reroll a single d20 roll once per day.
  • Black Hole – Mari creates a void zone within long range with a radius of 20 ft. Creatures in the zone suffer 1d6 points of damage per level and are stunned for 1 round, with a Fort save to become staggered instead of stunned.

Crendal – Artifact, Twin Edges

  • Negation – While in possession of both Edges Crendal has a 10% chance to negate any spell effect upon him that can be effected by spell resistance, as if the spell had been resisted. Besides this special roll ruling Negation behaves as spell resistance, including the ability to spend a standard action to lower the resistance.
  • Hellfire – Once per day as a standard action Crendal may use Hellfire, which functions as a Fireball spell with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 level with no dice damage cap. If Crendal has resisted a spell or struck an enemy with mana points in the last minute the DC is increased by 4.

Vasque – Power, Arcana Heart

  • Spontaineous Metamagic – Three times per day Vasque may modify a spell cast to be Still, Silent, Extended, or Enlarged, without changing its spell level. She may use this ability multiple times on the same spell.
  • Arcane Squall – Once per day as a standard action Vasque may conjure a storm of raw arcane power within long range with a 20 foot radius. Enemies, but not allies, in the radius are struck with bolts of magical lightning for 1d6/level damage, reflex save half.

Upgrade Powers

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